The Science Behind HyGrO

We have recently discovered that Lightning / Thunderstorms deliver significant amounts of hydrogen to the soil

A bolt of lightning is so powerful, it breaks the covalent bonds of both the air and water it makes contact with, to create nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen, which gets caught up in the rain and downdraft of the storm, falling to the earth, providing critical nutrients plants need


Farmers have known for many years oxygenated soils improve plant respiration, mineral uptake and water movement in roots, all of which have a positive impact on plant growth and productivity.

HyGrO technology can reduce the need for crop tilling

The supply of oxygen to the plant root area (rhizosphere) generally improves crop performance under anoxic/hypoxic soil conditions. The process of tilling the soil before sowing greatly improves aeration and is a common practice conducted by farmers the world over. There are unfortunately many detrimental results associated with tilling, including high soil erosion, elevated leaching, localized air pollution and increased cost.

Many regions have placed restrictions or complete bans on tilling. We believe our HyGrO technology can possibly reduce the need for crop tilling. The HyGrO system can be used by any type of plant and in nearly any grow media – whether it be outdoor/indoor soils, including hydroponics and aeroponics.


What is now known is hydrogen gas is an ‘obligate byproduct’ of the nitrogen fixing bacteria nitrogenase, found in legume nodules. Hydrogen released into the soil by the nodules greatly improves soil fertility, which in turn improves plant growth performance.

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