Meet The Team


Bo DuBose, Founder/CEO

Raised in the farming and machine shop business. Developed and co-owned patent for a specialized PEMFC Hydrogen Tech. Bo has been involved in the design and production of hydrogen technologies since 2008. Inventor of the hydrogen and oxygen delivery process in water. Co-inventor of the HyGrO technology.


James Culture, Co-Founder/CTO

Holds patents on hydrogen technology. Expert in design of hydrogen applications to different markets (micro to industrial). James is an ASQC Quality Engineer/Six Sigma certified for highest quality standards in manufacturing. Co-inventor of the HyGrO technology


Jim Claud, VP of Manufacturing

Mr. Claud has 44 years of custom computer numerical control (CNC) machining/manufacturing experience. He has extensive knowledge in the manufacturing of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, plastics, and carbon fiber. Mr. Claud led a company for 25 years in which he was responsible for all aspects of manufacturing, including equipment, materials, engineering, methodizing jobs, programing CAD cam systems, maintaining the equipment, and leading his team in the setup of all equipment. Mr. Claud is responsible for all aspects of the HyGrO manufacturing process.


Ed Grimm, Manufacturing

Over 30 years as an electrical engineer at NASA. Ed hails from NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. He has 30 years of green technology design experience & holds hydrogen technology patents. Has built and sold hundreds of hydrogen fuel cell systems.

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